Slide Take pleasure in travelling, at any time, by adopting the partner that will become your essential.

A bag, a kit, a wallet carried with you reflects your heart.
We share this “conviction” through our creations by making them elegant, timeless and innovative.

Choosing Milan Noir is to be part of a certain "Art de vivre à la française" and to affirm the values of elegance of the soul that we humbly seek to transmit.
From the sketch to the manufacturing, each detail is carefully considered so that our articles bring you this little extra soul that will brighten your life, day after day.

Slide HISTORY After two years of research and development of the Philéas kit, awarded by the Lépine competition in 2019... Milan Noir opens a new chapter.
Passionate about their work, Roseline, Jérôme and Jean-Noël have placed the evolution of Milan Noir in the rich and ancestral history of French luxury craftsmanship.
New materials, new colors, new models, an evolving collection 100% made in France.

Our ambition is to make of each creation a daily travel partner.
Choosing a Milan Noir luggage means escaping with a free spirit, for a day, a week, a lifetime.

Slide KNOW-HOW The meticulous gestures of a traditional and ancestral know-how ensure the manufacture of all our models from creation to pampering.

Committed to the history of the French leather goods and determined to pass on this heritage, we call on the know-how of a tannery based in Espelette, recognized by the greatest French luxury brand.

This is the Rémy Carriat tannery, which has been perpetuating the tradition since 1927 and produces exceptional leathers, exclusively from European farms.
These leathers are worked with a specific know-how and in the respect of the French leather goods traditions.

Slide QUALITY We have chosen a reasoned production and consequently, a limited manufacturing method,
thus, conceiving the means to be implemented to carry out quality controls at all the stages of manufacture and development of the product... details of the stitches, polishing of the edges, finishes...

Just like you, we are demanding on the quality of the leather but also on the linings, made of organic cotton woven in Pays Basque.
This commitment allows us to provide you with a 100% French quality product that will meet your desires and accompany you throughout your life.
The materials are noble and the workmanship particularly meticulous.

Slide OUR VALUES Evolving with your needs, Milan Noir is always looking for more elegance in its designs and its finishes.
That is why we are developing our range in 2021, in particular the Phileas kit, original creation of the early days of Milan Noir workshop.
ELEGANCE TERRITORY QUALITY FRENCH KNOW-HOW TRANSPARENCY ENVIRONMENT In a spirit of trust and exchange, Milan Noir is totally sincere about the origins of its materials and its manufacturing.
Based in Pays Basque and in Bordeaux, our production chains can be traced in all circumstances.
With us, quality is not an option, but a given.
That is why we always strive to provide products of unquestionable quality and durability.
The proximity of our workshops to the rest of the production process allows us to ensure this quality in real time.
Made in France is a societal commitment supported by the Milan Noir team.
For social, environmental reasons and simply for the love of “homemade”.
Our purpose is to contribute to the support of French craftsmanship, a heritage to be passed on to future generations. At our humble level, it is about enabling companies to continue their leather goods business in the best possible conditions. Milan Noir is committed to an ethical approach by selecting partners who cares about the respect of environment.
Moreover, our collections are produced in limited series, and we use a certified organic cotton.


Slide OUR LÉPINE COMPETITION AWARDS In May 2019, we participated in the International Lépine competition of Paris.
We were awarded a silver medal by the Overseas ministry for the innovation of the Phileas kit.
It was the result of several years of work...